New Sony NEX Alpha adapter... crazy?

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New Sony NEX Alpha adapter... crazy?

Maybe, maybe not.

My initial reaction was that it's fantastically expensive and if someone wanted the quicker phase AF of a DSLR, why not just get the DSLR? But then I started thinking...

I think there are two distinct advantages to this new approach. First, it gives you true modular flexibility. If you really want small and light, pop the NEX and a lens or two into your small bag and away you go. If you want max capability/functionality, take the bigger bag along with the adapter and some Alpha mount lenses. That's total flexibility. Second, while the adapter is expensive, you may find that it saves money in the longer run. For example, the Sony E mount 18-200 is $800. It's not exactly a featherweight either. Tamron is selling the A mount version of its 18-200 for $240 (after rebate). If you add the Sony A mount 30 macro, 35/1.8, 50/1.8, etc... you end up expanding your lens line-up AND saving some serious coin over the emerging E series lenses. So, maybe the new adapter isn't so crazy after all.

I wonder if anybody else is thinking about this in the way?

By the way, I'm contemplating rejoining the ranks of Sony shooters having abandoned it (prematurely probably) back when Sony took over my beloved Minolta (ok, Konica Minolta) mount. Wrote about that here (if interested):

The new announcements have me rethinking Sony.


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