Articulating "Flapper" DSLR Screens

Started Aug 24, 2011 | Discussions thread
junkman51 New Member • Posts: 2
a useful option

My Canon 60D is my first DSLR and the articulated screen was a factor in my choice when I bought it in early March 2011.

So far I use the optical viewfinder the majority of the time with the LCD in the same position as a non-articulated one, using it for review and access to menus.

One of my regular subjects is church activities, especially birthday and other celebrations where there is a decorated cake. I use the articulated screen to get good overhead photos of the top of the decorated cake. The guest(s) of honor appreciate the picture of their cake included with the other photos.

There are also other situations where using the articulated screen allows me to place the camera on a counter top or tabletop using a 3 lb bag of rice from the dollar store underneath and frame photos using live view which would be difficult or impossible otherwise.

Low angle photos are a lot easier for me by using the articulated screen and live view. My arthritic knees appreciate it.

I find the magnified view on the LCD screen makes manual focus easier and more precise for this DSLR rookie.

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