Why the reddish tone in XZ-1 and othrers Olympus camera

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Re: I haven't purchase an XZ-1 yet but I have seen many samples...

Actually, I don't find developing with Olympus Viewer a lot of work. To be honest, I can't compare to other software, I tested Adobe Lightroom and didn't like the interface, so I deleted it after a 1 day test.

But what I do in Olympus Viewer: I saved the settings that I like, now when I want to develop a lot of RAWs, I select them all (Ctrl-a), I right click and choose mark for developing (not exactly about the exact name, away from my home pc). Than I open my saved settings from the drop down box, they are applied to the currently selected picture. Than I press the button on the lower right side to apply the same setting to all selected RAWs. Than develop them, so in 5 clicks you can start developement for as many RAWs as you want. Now it's time for coffee and let the computer do its thing.

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