XGA OLED an in-house development

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Re: did seem strange...

aim120 wrote:

1 Sony still use many of its tech in their TV size LCD panel,they use their own Color filter and backlight.

Their flagship XBR-HX92x uses their own proprietary tech with class leading viewing angle and reference level picture.

Yes, I don't think Sony ever made its own panels, not in large volumes at TV size anyway. Probably most of them came from the S-LCD venture with Samsung, which can more or less be considered mainly Samsung tech as Samsung cleverly started large LCD R&D many years ago.

Last I read, Sony was looking to partner with maybe Sharp or other Japanese companies for 10th(?) generation LCD, or establishing large scale OLED manufacturing.

2 There has been zero reports about them sharing OLED,Sony to has OLED in their walkmans and P&S cameras.

Not to mention


Some earlier Samsung AMOLEDs used a so-called PenTile arrangement whereby basically each pixel was made only of two subpixels due to the lower yield of the blue pixels. Looked odd with fine text.

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