ISO test of a $7000+ SD1

Started Aug 30, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Not so hot noise...

how fast the Sigma crowd scream when anyone compares JPEGS of the SD1 (or any Sigma) to JPEG or RAW of Bayer, but sure they don't say beep when they are comparing Sigma RAWS to JPEG Bayers.

But that's besides the point. It sure has a lot of noise. For someone who told me before it didn't seem that far from a Pentax K-5 I can tell you, it's very far from what a K-5 can do. And they have the RAWS right there to download.

Still I see an improvement, at least resizing down to older Sigma Foveon class you can get something that is quite usable. But from what I see, ISO 1600 in B&W and ISO 3200 also in B&W. Not too far from where it was before when seen as a whole.

It wouldn't personally bother me much if I could do B&W on a DP2 with this sensor at ISO 3200 if they allow us to turn off SPP's noise reduction.

But I can say right now, the K-5 is way ahead of this at high ISO.

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