Washed out sky

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It is simple

I read all the posts I did not see any explanation for the overexposure of this scene. Here it goes:

The scene is dominated by dark gray houses and the street, with only a little sky. When the exposure meter of the camera sees dark areas it wants to make then look 18 % gray ( all cameras and all sensors do this ). As a result it will set the exposure to allow more light in . The result is that the dark gray areas looked washed out and the sky, blown out. The solution is to use negative exposure compensation. In this scene I would have tried -1/2 to -1. If the foreground is mostly black then you need -1.5 to minus 2.

Polarizer filters decrease the light coming in and darken the sky some as well as increase the contrast of the clouds, but it will not increase the dynamic range. If you underexpose slightly then you will have sky that is well exposed and then you can use the post processing to bring out the dark areas enough for a balanced exposure.

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