NEX7 over priced?

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Re: Overpriced Arguement is Silly

That's besides the point. Why would anybody buy something while thinking ahead of resale value? Only scalpers (or people who aren't serious about buying) do that. I agree with SF Photo Gal. If you don't think it's not worth the money, don't buy it or buy it used or wait for price drop. There's no point arguing over the value of the product. Sony won't change their mind.

Grant wrote:

SF Photo Gal wrote:

I've never understood the argument about something being over priced. If the features it offers you isn't worth the price tag, then don't buy it.

You just might want to sell what you just bought some day. That's one reason you aught to be careful...a fool and his money....:-) Stocks, cameras, cars, name it.

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