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biggles267 wrote:

Hi, thanks for that link. I wonder how a 70-200 f4L IS with 500D would compare against the 60mm macro? Since it is a better lens than the 55-250. I have the 60mm macro and have been very impressed with some posts using the 70-200 f4L IS with 500D. Makes we wonder if a dedicated macro lens is worth it. The link you gave shows it still beats the kit lens though.

I can't compare, since I don't have the 70-200.

However, I think the 70-200 should be better, since the lens itself is better than the 55-250. Also, stopping down should help, which one tends to do for DOF at high magnification.

but as others mentioned, the advantage of the macro is that you can focus from 1:1 to infinity, so you don't run into the focus range limitations that you have with a close-up lens.

photonius wrote:

Sonoran Sam wrote:

Anyone ever use a 500D close up lens for a poor mans macro?
Mesa, Arizona

The 500D works well on longer focal length lenses. So, it depends what lenses you have at the moment.

As others said, it works well on lenses like the 55-250 IS, or even better of course on a 70-200.
It goes to almost 1:1, like a true macro lens on the 55-250 IS
Here you will find a test shot, comparing it to the Canon 60mm macro.
(as well as further info on close-up lenses, and extension tubes)
Extension tubes give higher magnification when used with shorter focal lengths.

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