How To Install an SSD into a MacBook

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Re: How To Install an SSD into a MacBook

Cool - it would be good to hear back down the line to see how TRIM effects performance etc... Cheers.

webfrasse wrote:

Edmond Terakopian wrote:

Good to know - so have you left the enabler switched on or are you going to use it when you notice a drop in performance?

Haven't thought about that, it's on for now and I don't see a downside with it...yet.

BTW, Phoronix just published a benchmark on "my" drive...

webfrasse wrote:

Greg Eddinger wrote:

webfrasse wrote:

That's what I thought too since I bought the latest OCZ-VERTEX3 SSD and it was fine for a couple of months until last week when the performance suddenly dropped like a rock. It was down to the performance of a regular spinning drive. My machine is always on overnight since I use for backups and they happen at night.

I installed the Trim Enabler tool and and a reboot and a disk check performance was back as when it was new. So I would say that this is a marketing stunt by SSD vendors.

So correct me if I'm wrong. The SSD that you have was to be of the newer type that supposedly had addressed the Trim issues. Your conclusion is that they're saying yeah we fixed that Trim thing with our new vapor techware so don't worry. Reality is that the old problem still existed but thankfully the Trim Enabler tool is still needed?

My SSD is the latest model that OCZ produces (VERTEX3), bought it when it started shipping in April/May. Until a few days ago it was writing at around 210Mb/s and reading at 260Mb/s. It would do the double if I had a newer MBP with SATA3. Last week it was down around 100Mb/s read and write. I enabled TRIM, did a reboot and a Disk Utility Verify/Repair and suddenly there was a new message in the list of repair jobs, Trimming unused blocks". Did another reboot and the original speed was restored.

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