Best "fit and forget" filter for 85mm f1.4g ??

Started Aug 28, 2011 | Discussions thread
justice strike Regular Member • Posts: 245
Re: Best "fit and forget" filter for 85mm f1.4g ??

i have my lenses for about 1.7 years now and i have always had protective filters on it... i'm really carefull but even with that i still see a fair amount of microscopic scratches on the filter (these are the expensive hoya hd filters).

In any case, I'm probably not the average photog. I travel a lot around Asia and am subject to traveling light and traveling far through areas that are msot of the time less than civilized. Dust is a given, as is rain. And i always have to sue my cpl (of which i only have 1 (77mm). So the added benefit of having a metal mount is really appreciated.

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