Any 28mm f/2 lens recommendation?

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Re: Any 28mm f/2 lens recommendation?

fermy wrote:

Yeah, I saw one going sub $200 recently, could be the same one. I didn't bid since I already have it, but was curious how much it would fetch. I want to locate one of 24mm on the cheap, do you happen to have 24/2.8 and if so how is it?

I had a both the 24mm f2 (the holy grail of FDn) and the 24mm f2.8 and both had bad bushings so I returned them. I paid a lot for them and I don't like any play in my focus ring; it bugs me.

Never tested them myself but from what I gather online, the FDn 24mm F2 is god. Good luck finding a mint copy under $500-600. So too close in cost to my ZM 25mm (another god lol) so I'm out of the hunt for this fine lens.

Regarding the FDn 24mm f2.8...I read a review/report from a M43 forum that convinced me enough that this lens has poor contrast. I also read an old film test from another site that indicated just average contrast overall. I don't like lenses with low contrast so I'm not actively trying to acquire this lens. My Zeiss ZM 25mm covers this FL but I'd like a cheaper alternative for traveling.

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