600d vs D5100

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Re: 600d vs D5100

I have a Nikon AI-S Nikkor 50mm f1.4 manual focus lens I bought in 1989 with my FM2 (the only lens I ever used on my FM2 up to today). When I bought a D5000 and later a D7000, I was able to mount and use that AI-S 50mm f1.4. On my D7000, I use it as a low-light, indoor, shallow DOF portrait lens. I also have the Nikon AF 50mm f1.8D for both indoor and outdoor use (which I can also use on my film FM2).

Nikon sells brand-new MF lenses for shallow-DOF portrait and macro work since these types of photography are better done using manual focus even if you had AF capability and an MF lens with no electronics is infinitely more durable and longer-lasting than any AF lens with its sensitive electronics.

On the sidewalks of Quiapo, Manila, I saw several sidewalk vendors selling old film manual focus lens dirt cheap (as low as US$10), mostly Canon FD's, Olympuses, Minoltas, etc. since these are unusable in today's DSLR's.

Ironically, third party adapters enable Canon DSLR's to mount Nikon lenses. Reuters used a 1200-1700mm Nikon zoom lens mounted on a Canon MkIIn to photograph French President N. Sarkozy during a Bastille day celebration from a distance http://blogs.reuters.com/blog/archives/8068 . A website http://www.espacesteve.com/2010/06/lens-review-for-dslr-video-nikon-50mm.html illustrates the use of the pre-AI Nikon MF 50mm f1.4 lens as a shallow DOF, manual aperture and focus controlled lens for HD video on the Canon 7D.

Even pre-AI Nkon F lenses dating to 1959 can be easily adapted with minor modifications to the aperture ring to work with today's Nikon DSLR's.

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