Any 28mm f/2 lens recommendation?

Started Aug 29, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: Any 28mm f/2 lens recommendation?

Agree with Alupang on FD 28/f2.8. If you want the lens to use as opposed to own, this is a very good choice, fully usable wide open, easy to find in good condition, almost free. This lens I've been using the most on NEX, despite the fact that I have both 28/f2 and 35/f2. f2.8 is smaller, lighter and gives up only 1 stop, IQ is pretty much the same, I love 28mm on APS-C. For a daytime stroll, it's an easy choice. Then again, with old lenses, you won't lose much money on them, so if f2 is your thing go for it.

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