Any 28mm f/2 lens recommendation?

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Re: Any 28mm f/2 lens recommendation?

zoranT wrote:

Looking for a small-ish lens, faster than 2.8 and shorter than 35mm. Voigtländer Ultron is tempting, but at the upper range of size/lenght and value/price. Anything else to recommend that suits the NEX demands? Thanks. favorite focal length. My thoughts on several lenses for what it's worth.

Canon FDn 28mm f2: I bought two of these used and both were beat to heck. Corners were blurry at f2 and f2.8 and didn't sharpen up stopped down as much as I expected. Not nearly as good as my 35mm f2 Canon. I returned both copies for refund.

Zeiss ZM 28mm f2.8: I read corners are smeared on Nex. New review on Photozone is up. Read it.

Nikkor AiS 28mm f2.8: 8 elements--perhaps Nikkors sharpest lens. Id like to try one of these but I don't like the fact that the Nikon adapter is longer than Canon FD. Plus the lens is expensive--about $300 on ebay. Nice lens I bet.

Nikkor AiS 28mm f2: I believe the f2.8 above is better so I would pass on this.

CV Ultron: Interesting lens and worth a try if I could get a mint used one at a great price. I have a feeling though, that corners will be soft at f2.8 and even f4.

Canon FDn 28mm f2.8. Smallish, light 170g, close focus under 1 foot and almost free on ebay. Excellent performance even wide open. Too good and too cheap and too lightweight for me to ignore. This is the 28mm I use. I have given up trying to find a better 28mm. Last one I bought was brand new condition for $25 free shipping.

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