Bought F550 EXR

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Re: Bought F550 EXR

Paul De Bra wrote:

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Paul, I'm replying here instead of another thread about your suggestion to use Astia instead of Provia to warm up Fuji's typically cool (blue) color casts. I tried it with an F70 and it helped only the tiniest amount. I then tried it with the F200 and got the same results. What I found was that it warmed up green leaves very slightly, but everything else, including red bricks, remained about as blue as when using Provia. With both cameras, switching from AWB to SHADE produced much better results, not as good as the WB Fuji implemented with the F300 and F550 but not too far off. As for the reply here, I had started a reply in the other thread but put off finishing it and posting it for a number of hours. Good thing or you probably would never have seen it because your post that I was trying to reply to was deleted along with many others in that thread by the vigilant mods. C'est dommage.

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