I'll guess against the grain: NEX7 IQ > NEX5 IQ

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Re: Redsc-f828

I think those cameras were some of the first to incorporate Zeiss lens designs as well (to show commitment?). It will be nice to come back in a few months when there are some good reviews with good lenses (Zeiss) to really see if it is all techno marketing hype... not if, but how much? Hopefully on the low end.

If it's not that great, then the NEX5 might be a good cheaper option. Personally, I need the hotshoe! And what is with Sony's proprietary flash hotshoe?? o_O

technic wrote:

Ran Plett wrote:

When reading your thoughts on Sony's marketing vs. technological push, I immediately thought of the Sony F828. Does anyone remember that? The forums were going crazy about it, until the final image quality reared it's ugly head.

That's why I hesitate to by Sony camera products. I know, it's been 7 years since that camera, but to me they built a reputation of being the best cameras on paper, but in actual use, they aren't so good.

But in the worst case scenario, if the IQ is that bad, downsampling to 16MP should help. In the case of the F828, the CA was so bad that it was visible after aggressive downsampling.

yes, I remember; I still own a Sony dsc-f717 (that came before the 828). This played out again and again at the time with Sony cameras (also some of the video gear). It was obvious, just like now with NEX, that they have some superior technology but somehow marketing decisions or lack of commitment tend to ruin a lot of the fun.

I don't think the 828 was 'bad', but it sure had a noisy sensor and too much CA in part of the range; that's why I kept my 717 and didn't upgrade. In a way NEX is the real successor of the 717. The 828 was like one step forward, two steps back and proved to be the last one in the F series of 'prosumer' cameras.

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