Bought F550 EXR

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Re: nothing wrong with your first shots ...

Kim Letkeman wrote:

I cover EXR settings in great detail here ...

Yes, good info. Here is a shorter summary:

EV -1/3 or -2/3 permanently set

Non-default settings:
Auto ISO 1600 (even 3200 seems OK in this camera)
Image Size - should be M
Image Quality - should be F
Dynamic Range - should be DR400 in my opinion
page 2/3 has sensible defaults, 3/3 has two, then this:
Movie Mode - must be 1280 (i.e. 720p) for best performance

Some of these need to be set in every mode you use, e.g. P, A, and S. In A mode you should disable flash, otherwise images are overexposed if forget to push down the pop-up flash.

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