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Re: Bought F550 EXR

For the 1024x768 pictures you made available on Flickr the F550exr is a great camera that will give you excellent results. The Canon 550D will not yield better images after downsizing to 1MP or less.

Your son's equipment may look more professional but for these types of pictures it mainly is bulkier, heavier and more expensive. Getting a better camera is only going to make a difference for larger images or prints.

I take quite a few pictures to use in classes as illustrations, and my F200 does just fine for that. I do have a dslr but only use that when I really want to take pictures with the most fine detail to be viewed at 100% full resolution, etc.

So really you should consider what you use the pictures for and then decide what you want. Don't forget that what you posted was under 1MP, and when you view an image on a "full HD" monitor it is only around 2MP, and the very largest computer monitors are around 3MP, so whether you still have the very best image quality at 10 or 15MP doesn't matter at all when viewing at 1 or 2MP.

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