Any 28mm f/2 lens recommendation?

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Re: Any 28mm f/2 lens recommendation?


I have owned the following:

Canon FD 28mm f2.

  • Pros: Close Focus Distance - 0.3m, Fast f2.0 and lovely manual focus feel.

  • Cons: It had a strange white-ish Haze (inner glass had bubbles). Its big with the adapter on the NEX. Colour/Contrast not as good as the Voigtlanders.

  • Cost: £150 (have sold it now for similar value)

Voigtlander 28mm f1.9:

  • Pros: Lovely Contrast and sharp pictures (when I first bought it I thought there was something wrong (sharpness) but it was my inexperience in it use). Fast lens, good build quality with clicks of the aperture ring.

  • Cons: Close Focus Distance - 0.7m and Cost: £310 (sold for similar amount). Bigger then the Voigtlander 35mm f1.7 (see below)

Voigtlander 35mm f1.7:

I have sold the above two lenses and settled for this one (for now) - will sell when the zeiss 24mm reviews come out and cost is affordable.

  • Pros: smaller then above two, marginally faster (f1.7) and I got it cheaper (£210). Similar in contrast and sharpness to the voigtlander 28mm f1.9.

  • Cons: I hate the close focus distance 0.9m - very hard to use in enclosed spaces e.g. in a car or of sitting next to someone. This becomes worse on a camera like the NEX where you don't have a view finder so you have to add another 20-30cm for arms length.

For all the above I miss auto focus. This is usually necessary when you hand over your camera to someone else to take a picture and they don't know where to start.

In summary - the Voigtlander's tradeoff in achieving smaller size, contrast and sharpness is at the cost of close focus distance (and price). If you can save up for the zeiss consider it.



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