Yongnuo 565EX - very impressed

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Yongnuo 565EX - very impressed

Have had a pair of these (Canon version) for about 2 weeks now - for those who don't know they are YN's 'equivalent' of the 580EXII

I ran a number of tests and have also used them for a number of focus stacking (60+) shots (which will show up any output variation - found no problem).

For ETTL they cannot be a master - only a slave- you'll need a Canon flash (in built works too!) or an ST-E2. On camera they have full ETTL capabilities, including camera based control.

Optical Slave trigger in both S1 and S2 very reliable (S2 avoids trigger from ETTL preflash ).

Output- very consistent at about 1/10 of a stop below a 580EXII at all power levels - so the 565 designation seems about right (although manual says GN58/ISO110/105mm).

Flash duration - did a 'real world' test of a spinning fan - couldn't pick the difference against a 580EXII (others using flash measuring tools concur)

Recycle - same as the 580 using Eneloops/NiMH 2500

Features - everything the 580EXII has except for HS Sync :(, and Master mode. But they do have a more tunable auto-off feature set, plus they have choice of audible feed back and of course optical slave trigger

I have 2 580EXII's and a bunch of YN 560's, for interiors I often use 6 flashes , these 565's are very nice - I'll be buying another pair.

Oh BtW - I forgot to mention that in Wireless Slave mode you can set them to be triggered/controlled by BOTH Canon and Nikon units 'cn' setting (not sure how this works) or just Canon 'c' or Nikon 'n'. i.e. you can also use a Nikon S900/800/700 or c-commander
All that for about 1/3 the price a 580EXII

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