Any 28mm f/2 lens recommendation?

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Re: Any 28mm f/2 lens recommendation?

Besides that...

a few words to the Rokkor. I don't know why, but I find Minolta upper class glass somehow better and the rendered picture from it, more aesthetic and full of character..

Its like with the 58/1.2 the photos made by it are special. I have the 50/1.1 Nokton, but it is just contrasty, fast, but without that special soul. Or the Zuikos... Had the 28/2, have the 28/2.8, they were just sharp, the second one also very contrasty, as well as the 50/1.8, but when I make the same photo with the 28/2, i always like it more, eventhough it is not as contrasty as from those cheaper lenses. Maybe it is because of the materials used in the glass, maybe the better construction, compared to the 3.5 2.8 lens product lines... Don't know... I still have the Rokkor, and somehow don't want to sell it, eventhough, I can not afford to have so much money in one focal length... :

And I own also the

VC 35/1.2 ASPH, 15/1.5 ASPH, 28/1.9 ASPH, 50/1.1
Samyang 85/1.4 ASPH...

Besides that also Minolta 35/2.8, 28/2.8, 50/1.7
Zuiko 50/1.8, 28/2.8 (the latest, best versions of each lens)

The cheaper, lighter versions of legacy glass have always proven to me to be inferior. Eventhough the 2.8 lenses are sharper and more contrasty wide open than the 2.0s, but I rather carry the heavier, faster version with me, because the pictures do really have more character, better rendering, and don't look just so sharp, contrasty, but plain and somehow cheaper... The engineers knew, what they were doing, when designing the lens product lines, back then :>

Hope, I could help you making an opinion...

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