D700 owners, are you dissatisfied?

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Re: Even the D700

Hmm... I would need (but just nice to have)

1) 100% viewfinder
6) Quieter mirror and shutter
12) Dual card slots (but 1 CF + 1 SDXC)

No video ! But this would be impossible coz HD video capability will be added to all new models !

Kabe Luna wrote:

has room for improvement. My wish list:

1) 100% viewfinder
2) Variable ratio image capture (4:3, 5:4, 1:1, 16x9)
3) More cross-type AF sensors (heck, I'd like if all of them were cross-type)
4) Greater dynamic range
5) 16-bit capture
6) Quieter mirror and shutter
7) Grip design and rubber that doesn't peel
8) Relocated ISO button that allows single-handed adjustments
9) Slightly more compact body
10) 16-20 MP
11) HD Video with variable frame rates
12) Dual card slots (both the same type of card)
13) True ISOs 50 and 100

Gimme those and I'm a happy camper for the next 3-5 years.

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