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Re: using leading lines... c/c

I noticed this photo when you posted it in another thread and, while I agree with the above, I really liked the image (or rather what you were trying to do). A case of good vision but flawed execution. The good thing is that it is easier to learn how the camera works with practice and how to compose an image than it is to come up with that initial vision. If you have the vision the rest will come with practice.

Leading lines should lead to the subject, not be the subject.

Moving a little to the left would have moved the subject and her reflection closer together

Being closer would have removed the distractions and made the picture more about her.

If I was you I would rope a friend into posing for you and see if I could find some other reflective surfaces to practice this shot on.

whvick wrote:

Kitacanon wrote:

Here's another hint...put your hightlights (in this case the train of the dress) IN THE SHADOW so you can get more detail in it is now the highlights there are blown...

Boy you are so right....I just looked back at the original and the train is so blown you can hardly make it out!

I need to implant a computer in my head to remember all the little stuff that goes into a good picture.....or is my head big enough...

thanks again

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