Would a new Canon Mirrorless ILC System replace the EOS System?

Started Jul 9, 2011 | Discussions thread
Henrik Andersson Senior Member • Posts: 2,454
Sony, Panasonic and ... Canon?

Sony seems to have made a little more expensive APS-C based mirror less camera (attracting street photographers and Range Finder enthusiasts? but still aps-c).

Panasonic made a small/collapsible zoom "X" lens (future similar market as Canons L-lenses?) for their mirror-less cameras. This is what the mirror-less market needed.
(Oly have a cheaper and smaller version?)

For Canon to top all of this, they only need to make a micro-5DmkIII with collapsible micro-L-lenses and they will be the new RF/'Leica' ...
(Image stabilization need to be fitted in either the lens or body though)

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