Ugh! Lost My D3000/18-105mm VR Kit!

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Re: Ugh! Lost My D3000/18-105mm VR Kit!

Hi there, can't quite phantom how you can possible misplace something like a camera but oh well, I'm sorry you lost it. Maybe this site can help you find it in case it was stolen:

larrytusaz wrote:

I suppose I'm just posting to "vent," but a very upsetting discovery was made today: I have misplaced my D3000 & 18-105mm VR kit.

I have (or had) a D3000 and a D5000, the D3000 was the "beater" one, the "everyday" one that I'm more casual about, but I didn't mean to be this casual about it.

Apparently I left it in the store somewhere, because we've turned the house upside down all day, totally to no avail. I last saw it about 2 days ago--every store that I can remember being in, I've called, no one has seen a camera case.

This just sickens me, as I may not be a student, but my budget easily matches it. This is something that, barring a miracle, could easily take me a couple of MONTHS to make up. Yes I still have my D5000 & 18-105mm VR, but this, as the "beater" kit, meant my D5000/18-105 was my "fine china" which only I used, the D3000 was the "beater" my wife & I could share without my being nervous she was wearing it out so much taking 300 JPEGs of the brats within a 10 minute period.

It really burns me, as I only paid $215 for the body and $150 for the 18-105mm, I'm unlikely to find anything that low-priced again. Also, there were 2 ML-L3 remotes, about 4 memory cards from 1-8G in size, 3 batteries, lens clothes, and a bubble level--oh, and one more thing, my Kodak Zi8 palm video recorder was in there too.

It's all gone.

Am I the only one that's ever suffered this? Doesn't it just make you feel so irresponsible and sloppy? I mean, gee whiz--losing your wallet is one thing (and that's upsetting too), but a $500 camera? C'mon. How can one be that sloppy?

I'm so upset, I'm on the verge of selling my D5000 and 18-105mm VR and just quitting--after all, I can't help but think I could lose it too. Might as well just sell it, and quick. It would be one thing if I had 3-5 grand in the bank and could just plunk down $400 for a kit on Cametaauctions or something, but we're "college student" tight right now, it could be a good while.

Discouragement SUPREME.

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