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Re: Dear Mr Britton,

LTZ470 wrote:

John if you used the GH2 and the 14-140 for one month, you would throw rocks at the FZ50...you'll catch twice as many photos at superb IQ...

Most of us hate to change when we get so accustom to a particular item, but sometimes it proves worth it a little while after we move forward...I know I am that way...

I am not convinced by this argument. I can’t speak for the GH2 but it’s over two years since my first FZ50 was replaced by an Oly E520 to be followed by an Oly E620. I love my Olys but I find them as equally frustrating as my FZ50 and looking back over my FZ50 three years I still see some of the best pictures I have taken were with my FZ50 and would have been hard to improve upon with the Olys.

To me the downside of the FZ50 (and where the Olys score) was the FZ50’s NR which could have a significant impact on cropping ability, and the noise itself. I still get noise with the Olys but it is undoubtedly easier to deal with. Most pictures that I took with my FZ50 would looks as good printed IMO as a DSLR print. Pixel peeping on a screen you could probably find the small improvement but.....

I still miss many aspects of the FZ50 and while I know that it needs great light to be at its best there aren’t many cameras that doesn’t apply to.

Where I believe Panny and all the other manufacturers have gone wrong is in not identifying a need for a superzoom that concentrates on IQ rather than gadgetry and marketing talk. There is this constant misrepresentation that they couldn’t do that because superzooms are as much in cost as DSLRS, which of course is garbage. My simple set up of a camera and lenses that allow me to do what I could with the FZ50 cost a £1000 and if I want to go beyond that the next step is a £1000 for a single lens. Compare that with what I could achieve with my FZ50 which cost £300.

So instead of increasing zoom, mps or introducing 3d modes and selling me intelligent resolution technology why not try to sell a camera that is the best superzoom because it takes the best pictures. If it costs a bit more so what, it is still much less, whatever anybody says, than a DSLR that can match it’s abilities.

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