Cheap medium Format?

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Re: Cheap medium Format?

TBLF wrote:

My idea would be to use 6 inexpensive previous generation sensors (the 6MP Sony sensor we all loved so much in the ist D series)
How's that for crazy? LOL!!

Not crazy I also thought about that possibility (meaning that this idea has probably already been considered by the camera compagnies). The technical hurdle is to overcome the gap between sensors. I don't see a real solution.

One could be to move the sensor assembly, but it would need two shots, so it's not really really practical even if it happens very fast.

Another would be to have some sort of "macro-micro" lens array that redirect light to each sensor. Probably not doable without creating its own set of optical aberration. And probably too expensive anyway.

You can also stitch together multiple small silicons. I believe that's how some FF sensors are built. But even that is not that cheap ( )

For now the technology to produce cheap big sensor chips just does not exist... yet.

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