Looking seriously at the NEX-7, but have concern...

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harry cannoli
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Valid concerns..

I shoot with a canon 7D, 18 megapixels on an APS-C chip. The new Sony puts 24 megapixels on a chip the same size.

I can tell you this, for me to get everything my sensor is capable of delivering, I must use the very, very best lenses. The same thing will hold true for the NEX-7. If you want to get your 24 megapixels worth, you'll need an extraordinary lens to do it.

The reviews will tell the story. I would wait to see just how good the available lenses work with this new sensor.

The new NEX is a marvelous piece of technology, let's hope the lens and sensor lives up to the hype.


bugeyed wrote:

I have read that the NEX system lenses are not of very high quality. I have also read that there are not many available. Can someone give me a sanity check on the lenses for the NEX system? I have Nikon DX & AI lenses the would work with an adapter, but would prefer to have lenses that are fully functional on the NEX-7 body.

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