50mm f1.4 USM dissapointed

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Re: 50mm f1.4 USM dissapointed

You can hardly blame the lens for this. If you are shooting in such low light (or at a low ISO) so that you need to use f/1.4... f/1.4 will, by definition, give you a very narrow depth of field.

If you need larger DOF for night photography your options are somewhat constrained.

  1. You can crank the ISO up as high as you can tolerate. The images will be noisier but you can shoot at smaller apertures. In many cases, you can reduce the noise in post and still get a decent image.

  2. You can use flash - either one or multiple flashes.

  3. You could try a tripod and use longer exposures.

Having f/1.4 is certainly not the only reason to shoot with f/1.4 lenses like the 50mm lens, too.


cimotaro wrote:

Hi guys,

I'm new to SLRs world. I recently bought Canon 50mm USM f1.4.

I'm choosing this lens because of its build quality and wider aperture that might be useful in low-light condition. (Yes, I'm shooting a lot of low-light without flash)

I'm trying that lens over the weekend, and find out that using f1.4 give me very narrow depth of field, nearly unusable for "normal" shooting.

Cranking up the f to 5.6 give me usable depth of field, but isn't it defeating the purpose of why I bought f1.4 over f1.8 in the first place (to get extra 0.4 aperture).

If I'm going to use it on f5.6 anyway, then I might just buy 50mm f1.8 at the fraction of the price.

Any thought on using the f1.4 properly with max aperture but decent depth of field?

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