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Started Jun 20, 2011 | Discussions thread
Harry Lew Senior Member • Posts: 1,629
My experience with Rainbow Imaging Contax g/Nex adapter

I'm sorely disappointed with the experience of focusing with the adapter. The focus ring is really abrasive and notchy feeling. And the release tab is right where I want to put my left hand fingers for focusing. Honestly, I can't see myself using this adapter for more than 10 seconds. What a shame! I sorely wanted to start using my Contax G lenses on my NEX 3 and utlimately NEX 7 when it becomes available.

Guess I need to consider the Kipon and Metabones adapters. I was hoping not to spend that much money, but maybe in this case, you get what you pay for.
Harry Lew

'Buying gear is easy. What's hard is paying for it.'

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