import e-p3 RAW (.ORF) (Mac iPhoto/Adobe Lightroom 3/?)

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Kenneth Sloan Regular Member • Posts: 384
import e-p3 RAW (.ORF) (Mac iPhoto/Adobe Lightroom 3/?)

My E-P3 arrived yesterday. I can't read the RAW image files (.ORF).
Please advise!

I have not (yet) installed Olympus Viewer 2. I have already installed:

Olympus Master 2
Olympus Studio 2
Adobe Lightroom 3

I have been using iPhoto (which reads RAW files from my E30 and E500 just fine).

iPhoto does almost everything I need, but I have been planning on moving to Adobe Lightroom 3.

I have not used either of the older Olympus products (from the dates, these seem to have been supplied along with the E-30).

I'll install Olympus Viewer 2 while I wait for a reply.

I prefer a solution that uses either iPhoto or Adobe Lightroom 3. I'm guessing that I need some sort of plugin or helper software

I am an experienced Mac user and moderately up to speed on iPhoto. I am a complete novice with Adobe Lightroom 3 and have never used any of the Olympus software.

help, please!

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-Kenneth Sloan

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