NEX5N looks like a winner (full manual exposure control in video mode also)

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NEX5N looks like a winner (full manual exposure control in video mode also)

I must say the NEX5N looks better and better for me.
I did not see that it had full manual exposure control in video mode, just
read about it now.

The sensor looks to be a great performer, and if it has good dynamic range at ISO 100 and a JPG engine that makes good JPG's and use all the dynamic range the sensor got... it's maybe a great "shoot JPG all the time and have no worries camera" for me.

I shoot often RAW, but it would be nice to have a small camera and just shoot JPG on some trips. Because you shoot maybe 100-200 images and it is just to much work to convert all these images. AND! I don't need to upgrade my Photoshop Elements just because it has got so old that you can't get RAW support for new cameras longer. Oh... anyway I need some new video editiing software to edit HD video.

-excellent sensor
-excellent in camera JPG engine
-full manual exposure control in video mode
-In-camera CA, vignetting and distortion correction (makes the 16mm better?)
-ok price I would say
-light and small with 16mm and maybe the 30mm macro (compared to DSLR)

It also got touch-screen display, hmmm... I am not sure I need that. What you say about this feature?

The NEX5N just looks to have all I want and need from this type of camera. But I wait to see how the NEX7 perform, I like the in camera EVF. But I don't need 24MP.

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