Elinchrom Users! Input on lights, modifiers, and triggers (vs. PCB equivalents)

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Elinchrom Users! Input on lights, modifiers, and triggers (vs. PCB equivalents)

Elinchrom Users,

I'd love to hear your impressions of Elinchrom products' quality / customer service / and whether their modifiers (strip box / octabox / beauty dish / etc) offer something special in terms of light quality -- especially in comparison with the PCB equivalents if you've experienced both.

I'm considering BXRi500 lights with skyport and Elinchrom modifiers vs. Einsteins with Cybercommander and PCB modifiers.

Thank you!

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I subscribe to the "buy right the first time" philosophy and I'm wanting to put together a quality, reliable, durable lighting system for the following purposes and with the following characteristics.

Shooting human subjects / models
Studio with backdrop
Indoor environmental portraits
Outdoor environmental portraits
Artistic Nudes

Excellent light consistency
Excellent ergonomics in daily setup and use
Durable and Reliable
Mobile Battery Operation Option
Brightness of modeling light and strobe remotely controllable would be nice
Excellent customer service

I'd likely start out with:
2 or 3 monolights
Reflectors and Grids
Beauty Dish
Large 1.75m Octaboxes (with grid inserts if available)
Large 1.75m strip softboxes (with grid inserts if available)
Large rectangular fill reflector
wireless trigger system

I initially thought about getting an Einstein+CyberCommander setup, but I'm a little worried because I keep reading about reliability issues with the lights themselves as well as the CyberCommander system.

I don't mind spending a bit more than the Einsteins if I'm getting better quality lights.

What would you experienced folks recommend in terms of monolights and wireless triggering systems given these considerations?


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