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John Miles
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Dear Mr Britton,

It is absolutely essential that somehow some feedback gets back to Panasonic's design department, because so help me they are just not listeneing to a word of this forum.

It is established beyond reasonable doubt that if you want a decent small sensor camera, that a 1/1.8" or so sensor is the smallest you can go. Now whilst Panasonic seem able to comprehend this in respect of the LX range, they seem to persist with this ongoing nonsense with the FZ range. Yes they are valuable and capable cameras as good as any others out there. But to consider the FZ150 as an enthusiast superzoom is just a farce. If the LX5 had the FZ150 sensor in it no-one would touch the camera with a twelve foot barge pole.

In the FZ50 a small sensor manual lens superzoom provides rapid placement of shots developing a default wide depth of field over a huge zoom range. In one stroke a camera is born that captures more of a scene at greater speed than any other camera, no matter what the budget. It is a valuable niche product that would benefit from a genuine enthusiast level upgrade.

Is there any way you can get word back to Panasonic? Just imagine the FZ150 sitting next to an FZ50 with the sensor and processing of the LX5. In a heartbeat the FZ150 is but a toy bristling with too many gimmicks.

When is the sub 4/3" sensor going to get the respect it deserves? The short GF and LX live together, so why not the long GH and a 1/1.8" manual lensed FZ?

It is absolutely infuriating to be subject to Panasonics continuous make do sub 4/3" design policy, especially whilst at the same time it is still the best available.

Manual lens handling speed + huge default DOF + huge zoom range + sub 1 second half shutter press from sleep mode + hot shoe === never miss a shot; get everyone in focus; all day and all night.

So where's the camera?

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The FZ50: DSLR handling of a bright Leica 35-420mm lens that's this good: http://www.flickr.com/groups/panasonicfz50/pool/ (slideshow always good). And now add the LX2: http://www.flickr.com/groups/lx2/pool/
[Tomorrows camera is better and smaller than todays]

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