PHOTOFLEX lite stand part

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Re: Break off the other ear...

vdotmatrix wrote:

I thought I saw some BLACK anodized hose clamps a few days ago...Dang That is great!

I appreciate your time to offer constructive solution that was right under my nose!!!

Forums are great sounding boards, I can always buy a dozen light stands but I already said I didn't want to do that and $2.50 clamp will make me a happy frugal!!!

Thanks AGAIN!!!

joeybob wrote:

and replace that piece with a small stainless steel hose clamp?

Not very user friendly but it'll probably get the job done just the same...

I'm pretty sure they make hose clamps with serrated rims so you can finger tighten pretty nicely, too. Black I'm less sure of, but the same auto supply store that sells the clamp will have canned spray paint.

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