How do u use your 3 C Settings

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Re: How do u use your 3 C Settings

My C1 is for landscapes. I have it set to f8. BULB mode ( I love shooting bulb btw ) I prefer to shoot with a wired remote while using bulb mode. ISO 100 and the focus point a bit above center. If I have a foreground element in the landscape then I will move my focus point accordingly. I also have mirror lock up on. I always use a tripod when shooting C1.

My C2 is for HDR. I admit, I rarely shoot HDR because I rarely find myself in those situations where I would need HDR. I have it set with a +2, 0, -2 exposure at f8. I also have it set to take all three pics with one shutter button press. I always shoot on a tripod when using C2.

My C3 is currently empty right now. I was going to use it for video but i just like using M when shooting video. I may find a purpose for C3, who knows.

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