Would you consider Nex7?

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Re: Not without decent pancake lenses in the lineup

sean000 wrote:

and now Panasonic comes out with a high-performance collapsible 14-42mm as well. I just don't see the NEX system getting their lens sizes down to anything approaching these.

That lens could be a game changer, from two perspectives. Up till now, the Nex & M4/3 kit zooms are quite similar in size, but no longer. It also potentially brings M4/3 cameras down into the "small enough" category.

In other words, that lens could allow M4/3 to compete with the 1/1.7" cameras (& the Nikon mirrorless) size-wise. And it further emphasizes that Nex is more a DSLR replacement than M4/3 replacement.

Franka T.L. wrote:

no matter how one takes it, if we want quality lens, then be prepared to bear the weight, the bulk, and not the very least the price ...

There is a point where IQ is "good enough", and I am willing to compromise for other factors (size, weight, convenience, cost, brand loyalty, etc.). That is why I shoot with zooms instead of primes. And why I am considering buying the Nikon mirrorless & selling my M4/3. Sometimes IQ is the only important factor, but that doesn't happen very often (for me).

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