24MP Nikon DX : D7001

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Re: D7100 more likely ;)

agreed. It's clearely the sony's jpeg engine that sucks (like always). I've downloaded A77's raw files and loaded thems in RT. Although the raw color conversion is wrong, the noise pattern seems pretty decent, very similar to the D7k.

rhlpetrus wrote:

Let's wait and see how it performs in RAW. The samples flying around are jpegs and don't look that good, but I trust the basic sensor is good. Another point: as before, Sony stays at 12 bits, hope Nikon, if they use it, will go for a 14 bit ADC engine.

Only thing is, it'll likely show up in the D400 pretty soon.

IMO, I have plenty of pixels already in the D7k, only if sensor is really better in DR and other aspects. More likely I'll go for a FF, the D800 ;).
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