OK I'm Upset , I'm Aggravated , I'm Irritated

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OK I'm Upset , I'm Aggravated , I'm Irritated

Tell me if I am wrong . Tell me why I am wrong .

It isn't bad enough that we need to constantly go through a conversion process to really know the 36 x 24mm format ( from the 35mm SLR cameras ) equivalent lens focal length for the various compact cameras , and the 4/3 rds when we want to know the actual effects of the lenses supplied or mounted on these cameras .

This aggravation and distracting process is enough to get me really peed off because I only want to know the lens effect and the size of the sensor behind it .

I don't want to go through this for every camera I might get interested in .

It is the same problem with all of these smaller sensor cameras and it gets so I want nothing to do with any of them just because the sensor measurements seldom if ever calculate to be correct .

I just looked at the Panasonic Lumex for an example and the sensor is a 1/2.33 inch size . so I opened my calculator and I divided 1 by 2.33 inches and the sensor size calculates to be 0.429 inches ( almost half an inch ) this converts to 10.8966 mm . . because there is always 25.4 mm. in every inch .

( 0.429 inches X 25.4 = 10.8966 ) So this tells me the sensor is 10.8966mm on the long side .

I think 10.8966 is not the same as 6.12 as stated in the spec. sheet . Am I wrong about this ?

But when you look at the sensor size in the spec sheet , it says 6.12 x 4.51 mm. .

If you take the lens equivalence of 224 mm which converts to 40.0 mm as stated on the Lens front at 40mm and as stated as the equivalent is 224mm at the long end . Divide 224 / 40 and you get 5.6 as the lens conversion factor .

Using this 5.6 conversion factor to divide the 36mm long side of the 35mm SLR Cameras , and this tells me the sensor size is really 6.428 mm. . This is not as stated in the Spec. sheet ( 6.12 x 4.51 ) .

I believe 6.428 is not the same as 6.12 . Am I wrong ?

Is 6.12 really the same as 6.428 ?

Are we just slipping into another universe where sizes are different and dimensions are all changed ?

So here is what really irritates and aggravates me : The 1/2.33 " stated sensor size . This is non-sense .

Can we just get rid of these fractions of an inch and just be honest and just say the sensor is what ever it really is ? We have come a long way since the sun orbited around the earth , now can we move another thousand years into the future and just print the sensor size in millimeters ?

OK ? Can we all get along ? Just say yes or no , I don't want to make this complicated . OK ?


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