How far will four thirds sensor DR get in the next five years?

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Re: How far will four thirds sensor DR get in the next five years?

Like me and this guy are newb?? Yeah right. I was bracketing shots and doing test stips in the dark room when you were in diapers.

Some of the skies and the path shot show quite well the restraint of copromising exposure, althought his/her images are a little on the light side of exposure.

Flarey highlights, lack of detail in quarter tones and noise in shadows have been issues for mFT in comparing it to DSLR -

as a main system for me to invest in, mFT has to come along a bit in DR and the non patronising replies in the thread, be they involving some rocket surgery or not, point to this being possible. GOOD!

So now the lens range only lacks a couple of sub f3 zooms and I can forget humping DSLR gear around.

I'd rather have 10mpx in mFT and today's DSLR DR/ Tonal rendition than 22 mpx and not!

SF Photo Gal wrote:

This whole complaint about blown highlights is a total newbie complaint.

I do have to say that I've found Panny sensors a little lacking in DR, but not like it's that big a deal. Even with a FF camera, there are some lighting situations that are a challenge. That's where the photographer's eye comes in.

Is there some law I haven't heard about where you can't take more than one photo of the same setting with exposure settings? You don't always have to nail it with one photo.

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