real world resolution advantage of 24mp over 16mp on APS-C Sensor: 7 vs 5n

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real world resolution advantage of 24mp over 16mp on APS-C Sensor: 7 vs 5n

I am up in the air as to whether any subtantive advantage results from the 24mp NEX 7 over the second generation NEX 5n's 16mp-both being on an APS-c sensor.

Without any formal testing to review as of yet and just a spat of jpeg samples compared/contrasted(a77[with less light reaching sensor of course] with 5n), I am very curious as to what the actual resolution advantage there is from the 24mp over the 16mp.

The a900 24mp (data from Imaging Resource tests) was at 2150 horizontal and vertical 2700 lines with complete extinction at 4000 and 3600 lines, respectively.

The a580, also 16mp, numbers are 2100 horizontal and 1950 vertical with complete extinction at 3400 and 3200, respectively.

I will tell you, I do not totally understand the actual resolution between the sharply defined and the point of extinction and how that contributes some detail to the image.

Is there any reasonable expection as to what the resolution numbers might look like from these two new cameras? Is the thinking that they should run fairly close to a850/900 for the NEX 7 and the 5n(although it may have a lighter AA filter) similiar to the a580?

By the way, I have both cameras pre-ordered while I continue to ponder the NEX 7.

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