Why I will probably keep my DP2x

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Why I will probably keep my DP2x

and not switch to the new Sony NEX-7.

Just some random thoughts after the first excitement, following Sony's recent announcement.

1. Assuming that the new Zeiss 24mm F1.8 will be available by December, this is the only lens I see right now which would be worth having for the NEX-7.

This would be a 36mm equivalent compared to the DP2x's 41mm equivalent, and also faster (1.8 against 2.8).

But given that the Zeiss alone will cost 1000 Euro and the DP2x currently in Germany sells for around 500 Euro, I don't see such a huge difference in quality to justify the price difference.

2. Collapsible lens and compactness of the DP2x against the relative bulk of the NEX-7 with the Zeiss 24mm. Very important for me, since the DP2x has just the right dimensions.
If need be, I can squeeze the DP2x in my shirt pocket.

3. Sensor - the big question. I'm so used to the frankly amazing quality I can achieve with the DP2x (clearly visible in 13x19 prints I do regularly with my new Espson R3000), that again I need to see significant IQ improvements over the DP2x to tempt me to switch to another system.

Full reviews of production models and, perhaps more importantly, feedback from true (sic) photographers will show.

I should add that I'm completely uninterested in anything above ISO 200 (with 99.9% of my pictures actually taken at ISO 100).

4. Familiarity - it took me quite some time to get familiar and comfortable with the DP2 series (actually starting with the DP1). Now I can shoot almost blind (sometimes out of necessity because the darn LCD is really sub-par; one of the few gripes I have).

But I have my workflow optimized and know how to get the most out of my pictures with the DP2x (or so I like to believe).

5. Price.
2000 Euro (NEX-7 plus Zeiss 24mm) against 500 Euro (street price) for the DP2x.

Simply put: I don't see any improvements in my photography by switching to another system right now.

Proof of the pudding - a recent DP2x pic (in colour and B&W, converted using Nik Silver Effex 2 (which I can highly recommend for B&W work!)):

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