Go home LX3!

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Go home LX3!

For the first time in my life I actually took a holiday back to my old hometown, I’ve still got family there and do visit but this is the first time I’ve gone as a full-on tourist. I dusted off the trusty LX3 too in the hope of capturing some quintessential English seasidiness, a couple of shots came close but I never really got what I was looking for.

As you’ll be able to tell these are all straight from camera, I’ve given up on that post-processing malarkey.

Anyhow, my hometown;

A Grand View

I lived here for years but only just noticed how ridiculously out of proportion the Grand Hotel is to the rest of the town.

Once the largest hotel in Europe it used to extend all the way down to the beach, built in a V for Victoria and themed on the calendar with 4 towers (for the seasons), 12 floors, 52 chimneys and 365 rooms.

Bombed in the first world war by the German Navy (along with the Castle and my old school) and I guess that's when the front, beach bit went.

Scarborough Grand

Those Theos

Beach Life

Short Change

Ice Cream With a Flake

Chaletcliché With Bucket

The Long Drive Home

and Hello again,

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