A77 vs A35 RAW comparison

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Re: Still unadressed... Dynamic Range?

The preproduction A77 RAW samples on Image resources exhibit horizontal banding....... Or did you not process the RAW files yourself.

And which sensor performed worse than the last one...... HMMMMM the 10MP Sony CCD which replaced the 6MP CCD. In a lot of ways the 6MP one was better, One way was having a usable high ISO.

I have not said that the New one will perform worse then the old one, just that its a bit of a gamble to say for certain it will be the same, when such a large increase in MP can be seen. (66% increase). If you really are just trying to make yourselves look foolish by jumping on board without real data.....then so be it. I will be waiting for full production samples from the NEX-7 to be made available to make a judgment on RAW performance.

TrojMacReady wrote:

Are uou ignoring the obvious fact that those sensors were produced by the same maker? And which sensor in history has performed worse than the one preceeding it?
In other words, there is no solid reason to think it would perform worse.

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