A77 vs A35 RAW comparison

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Re: Still unadressed... Dynamic Range?

rhlpetrus wrote:

Not directly related as some may think, depends on how gain for high ISO is done.

I expect DR at base ISO as good as present 16 MP sensor's, close to 14EV, why would it be different?

Because its a new sensor, with much higher output, (24MP at 12FPS vs 16MP at 10fps). The 16MP sensor is the most flexible sensor released by any manufacturer to date. The Pentax K-5 has a few examples of underexposing the 8 stops, and then being able to recover that detail..... which no other consumer sensor has been able to do to date, (with no banding or color issues). simply by saying "why would it be different" you are ignoring the fact that the previous generation sensors were a HUGE extremely impressive!!!!!

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