manfrotto or vanguard? flip a coin?

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Re: manfrotto or vanguard? flip a coin?

I have the Vanguard Alta Pro 284 CT ( ) with a Manfrotto 054 Magnesium Ball Head ( ) and I am very happy with this combo.

The 284 and the 263 differentiate in leg sections, height and carbon or aluminium (and therefore weight), so I guess my experience with my 284CT remains valid. Comparing it to its competitors it sports more features and accessories (i.e. Spiked / Rubber Feet). Furthermore my feeling is, that it is just a little more sophisticated than it's competitors. The center column i.e. is not just flip-able either at 0 or 90 degree, but can be set in any position you need.

As for the head, I decided to go with the Manfrotto because of it's bigger tilt capabilities and the release plate system (you can slide the camera a little in front an back). Reading about the ball head's from Manfrotto and Vanguard, the Manfrottos had better reviews, which was also a reason for me to mount a Manfrotto BH on the Vanguard tripod.

This combo is sturdy enough for my D7000 and 70-200 VRII. I am very satisfied with both products and vendors. If you take it into the field often, which is what I do, you might want to consider the lighter carbon fibre tripods to save some weight.

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