Support of Nikon AI-S lenses on future DSLRs ...

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Re: Support of Nikon AI-S lenses on future DSLRs ...

looking at the price of the D3x, D3s, D700, D300s ... including the ability to use these old AI lenses is a tiny tiny fraction of the final price of these cameras. The cost savings are happing on the D3100/D5100 with pentamirror for example (and the fact that most D3100/D5100 users will only have the bundled kit lens and never remove it).

Seeing AI support on the D7000 is great. I would expect the D7100 and D7200 to have AI support too, and the D3200/5200 to continue without it.

The marketing damage they would cause by not putting AI support into the next cameras 'D4/D400/D800' would be pretty big.

Zeiss will have worked and met with Nikon before updating their ZF to ZF.2 ... while a Zeiss lens does Nikon no direct good (unless they get a royality for each sale from using the lens mount?), but it does continue interest in the F mount so it will keep people Nikon rather than move to Canon (who Zeiss also make lenses for).

AI - no reason to remove it from the top end. If the pros have a bundle of lenses, plus their old 16/2.8 AIS Fisheye that they have no reason to replace ... they'd just be annoyed if Nikon drop the AI support.

Even if Nikon stopped making the 8 or so AIS lenses, I reckon they will continue to have the support on the D7000/D9000 (D400) + FX bodies
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