Is Windows 7 vastly more secure than XP?

Started Aug 23, 2011 | Discussions thread
Andreja Contributing Member • Posts: 740
Re: Infected networks are problematic also

CAcreeks wrote:

BJN wrote:

The user is always the weak link in any OS security.

Perhaps true in most cases.

However even a careful user on an infected network will in all likelihood get infected.

The Internet is one big infected network.

While WinXP itself didn't suffer from glaring security issues, it had relatively little capacity for taming badly designed apps which assume and insist on full admin access to the system.

That's where Win7 and Vista are vastly superior with their LUA mechanisms such as UAC, MIC, and protected mode IE.

To put it another way, XP can be perfectly secure by itself. However, odds are that by the time you install 50 various apps and utilities, Win7 will provide a far more secure environment, because of the security compromises that were necessary on XP to get at least some of the apps to run.

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