Who Is Thinking Of Buying the E 50mm F1.8 OSS?

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Re: I just don't like this focal length

EvanZ wrote:

Sony wants to sell this to people who would normally buy a portrait lens or a normal lens. They'll make more money, but the consumer loses out. Make a 70 mm f/2.0 OSS, and I'll buy it in a heartbeat (and a NEX camera).

Actually I think it's a smart move even though it wouldn't be my first choice either for a stabilized f1.8 prime. Mine would actually be a 60mm with 1:2 macro capability. I know you want that 70mm but look at how popular the 50mm focal length is across all camera lines with the 1.5 crop sensor. It provided enough background seperation and requires such critical attention to focus technique (even at a slow f1.8) that their will be the inevitable torrent of "Why Is My Lens Not Sharp Wide Open" threads from users that simply don't realize they are missing their focus point and the dof is supposed to be that small. I see anything longer than 50mm at f2 or faster as not for the average user, not a potential big seller, and more of a specialty or prestige item.

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