Mythical D800 or buy a Sony a77

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Re: Mythical D800 or buy a Sony a77

why are you comparing a Nikon FX camera with a Sony DX camera?

yep a77 looks interesting indeed, but its not F mount and its not FX ... how on earth is it an alternative to a D700?

I got respect for Sony, they've done good ground in becoming the number 3 and Oly/Pentax are about to evaporate for sitting still with blinkers on. Sony have marked ahead with new ideas (SLT). I had a KM 7D and a100 way back when. But I've also put 32k on a D700 in the year I had it. Its a different world. Different mount. Different options. Sure, I've now voted firmly into the DX zone and happy as anything with my mini-D700 (the D7000). While the a77 is certainly interesting its not reason enough to jump ship. I've switched systems, its really really hard work (Canon 1987-2004) (KM/Sony 2005-2007) (Nikon 2007 onwards, plus a daft moment in Oly). I left Canon when they disregarded QC. KM 7D was a super tool in its day. D200 was the camera that pulled me over to Nikon. a77, yep, some headline figures and well priced. But if you look closely Nikon and Sony are well and truly linked and share a lot of technology. But Nikon's camera always outdoes the Sony equal. When the D9000 (not D400) is out it will be astonishingly similar to the a77, but it will have an edge. The deal is, Sony get to go first on the launch.

D800 ... should be compared to the Sony a99 ... but both are a myth (today)
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